Diocese of Vĩnh Long

Saint Anne CathedralAs of December 30, 2010, the diocese had 196,155 Catholics among its total population of 3,976,522. It had 120 parishes and 85 subparishes and mission stations served by 184 priests, 658 religious and 667 catechists. In a land area of 6,771 square-kilometers, the diocese covers the provinces of Bến Tre, Trà Vinh and Vĩnh Long, and part of Đồng Tháp province.

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Diocese of Xuân Lộc

The Diocese of Xu226;n L7897;cAs of December 31, 2010, the 46-year-old Diocese had 426 priests, 2,207 religious, 179 seminarians, 183 seminary candidates and 8,606 catechists serving 873,440 Catholics at 229 parishes and 32 subparishes and mission stations, representing 33.1 percent of all 2,602,913 people in the territory. In a land area of 5,964 square kilometers, the country's biggest Diocese in terms of Catholic population covers Đồng Nai province and part of Dĩ An district of Bình Dương province.

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Diocese of Hà Tĩnh

Diocese of Hà Tĩnh, Vietnam

Continent: South and East Asia 

Rite: Roman (Latin) 

Type: Diocese 

Ecclesiastical Province: Hà Nôi 

Neighbouring Dioceses: Savannakhet (↙), Vinh (↑), Huê (↘) 

Depends on: Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples 

Patron Saint: Mary Mother of God 


2018.12.22: Established as Diocese of Hà Tĩnh (Tiếng Việt) / 河靜 (正體中文) / Hatinhen(sis) (Latin) (from Diocese of Vinh) 

Special Churches

Cathedral: Nhà Thờ Chình Toà Thánh thiên thần Micae, Văn Hạnh, HÀ TĨNH, NORTH CENTRAL COAST 

Present Prelates

Bishop (2018.12.22 – ...): Bishop Paul Nguyễn Thái Hợp, O.P. (74)


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